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VRC_024 – Velocity RC Cars Magazine Instant Download! Just $2.99!

Posted  March 9, 2017  by  Derek Buono

An RC Car is an amazing piece of modern engineering. Fast, almost unbreakable and more affordable than ever. Yet tomorrow we can all race cars online and further become socially awkward. So get outside and interact with what others call humans. This issue we walk the trails of rattle snakes, show those pesky skaters how […]

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VRC_023 – Velocity RC Cars Magazine – Instant Download. Just $2.99!

Posted  December 5, 2016  by  Derek Buono

You just put up the lights around the house, now half are burned out. They don’t make lights like they used to. I think we had the same set for 20 years, now they last 20 minutes. Thankfully, the new issue of Velocity RC Cars Magazine is here to spread some holiday cheer, or hatred […]

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VRC_022 – Velocity RC Cars Magazine #22 Just $2.99!

Posted  October 4, 2016  by  Derek Buono

It’s election time. The two things we never talk about are watching a man eat a hot dog, and why  we still have tags on shirts? Velocity RC Cars Magazine contains all the RC car action you need, and more. How much more? Like Jolt cola we have all the content and twice the caffeine! […]

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23 Issues for just $7.99! Download 1,000’s of pages now!

Posted  September 6, 2016  by  Derek Buono

Our subscription is just $9.99/year (auto renew, cancel anytime) but our back issue value pack is the best value on the planet. You get 23 issues of Velocity RC Cars Magazine and our SNAPS special issue. All of this can be downloaded to your favorite “computer/phone!” Click and Download all back issue for just $7.99 […]

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VRC_021 – Velocity RC Cars Magazine – Content packed! Download Instantly!

Posted  August 18, 2016  by  Derek Buono

Summer is ending. You’ve got your new school outfit all laid out and ready to strut. Or you’re still at work during the summer, and wishing you were at the beach. Either way, VRC_021 will change your life… or at least just be on your tablet/Device. This issue is packed with content! Subscribing saves you […]

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FREE! Traxxas Rally Review from VRC_006!

We love free things, and there is nothing better than getting to taste the deliciousness we call Velocity RC Magazine. We reviewed the Traxxas Rally and now we want to share our thoughts and let everybody see how only VRC Mag d...
by Derek Buono


Velocity RC Magazine and Joesph Quagraine Team Up!

Velocity RC Magazine welcomes international racer, designer, and JQ Products owner to our staff of contributors. Joe has been racing around the world for over a decade and designing his own vehicles for over 3 years. He will br...
by Derek Buono


Build Day – My fingers hurt – Tamiya F104v2

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really built a kit in a long time. So when I sat down today to start the build of the Tamiya F104v2, I got pretty excited. Tamiya F1 bodies are insanely detailed and I started with the body...
by Derek Buono



Got Gas? HPI Does

Think of a standard nitro engine…and now imagine: More than double the runtime… Cheaper fuel costs… Widely available fuel… Easier starting… No tuning hassle… Quieter running… Cleaner ru...
by Derek Buono

Free Trial of Velocity RC Cars Magazine

RC Santa!

Eat a candy cane, open some presents, hug your family, pet your dog, then charge up a battery and play RC! Enjoy a safe and happy holiday if this is one that you celebrate. From the Velocity RC Magazine team, we wish you a very...
by Jeff Eveleigh



The Return of HPI Racing- Should You Care?

Many might not even know the long twisted fate of HPI Racing at all, let alone that they technically died. So this new teaser video from HPI was released to get people pumped up on HPI, but will anybody care? At this point, you...
by Derek Buono


Pre-cut is Awesome

I’ll admit that I’m terrible at cutting out bodies. Back in the day of touring cars I’d be better off throwing the body in a ninja sharp fan than me having to take scissors to it. While building my Tamiya Rall...
by Derek Buono


Arrma Fury Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Travis Votaw of Morenci Michigan for winning our Arrma Fury RTR. We’ll be sending out the truck shorty. Want to win? Follow us on Facebook, or buy an issue. We give away RC gear everywhere! VRC_005 drop...
by Derek Buono