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Velocity RC Magazine Fires Derek Buono!

For years Derek has been a pain in the RC industry’s side. He was always producing amazing pictures, offering his “opinion,” basing things on facts that those scientists like to use…all of that BS has ca...
by Derek Buono


Tekin Gen 2 Gear is in the house

We love evolution. Monkeys, apes, humans…we’re all the same when it comes to electronics. We want the newest. We finally got the newest gear from Tekin with their Gen2 series of Speedo’s and motors. We’l...
by Derek Buono


Who doesn’t love some action?

Time for some action. Words aren’t necessary when you have photos like this! Velocity RC Magazine is serious about RC Cars. We give you more content, more value, more editorial, more milk when you ask and more action shot...
by Derek Buono



Pro-line’s 1973 Ford Bronco

Pro-line has just released a totally trick body for your Axial Wraith. This 1973 Bronco features removable door panels, so you can crawl with options. It comes ready to paint and you can top it off with all your favorite scale ...
by Derek Buono


Reedy .21 VRST -The Dyno is waiting

Our X-Dyno is itching at it’s flywheel to get spinning and recording data. The first engine to step up and put it’s power on the charts is the Reedy .21 VRST. We’re pretty familiar with this engine, but we fig...
by Derek Buono


Solder Me Up – LRP Soldering Station

Since LIPOs came to be the battery soldering hasn’t been such a big deal. No longer do you see 111 soldering irons heating up the local track and wasting electricity. But soldering is still a big part of electric racing a...
by Derek Buono