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Big Bad 8000

MaxAmps knows LiPo batteries. They have been in the game for a long time and are always at the forefront of pushing LiPo battery technology to the next level. Their newest release is this 2 cell 7.4 volt 8000mah monster. The 15...
by Derek Buono


VRC_023 – Velocity RC Cars Magazine – Instant Download. Just $2.99!

You just put up the lights around the house, now half are burned out. They don’t make lights like they used to. I think we had the same set for 20 years, now they last 20 minutes. Thankfully, the new issue of Velocity RC ...
by Derek Buono


Velocity RC Cars Magazine – Issue #29 Download Instantly – Just $2.99!

158 pages is something that is more impressive if we printed the magazine. Velocity RC Cars Magazine has always been content first. That’s why we buy stuff right? This issue features 5 reviews, tips on how to paint stuff, new...
by Derek Buono



Carpet Racers Documentary Airs On The Documentary Channel

A few years back a documentary called “Carpet Racers” made the circuit in the RC World. If you haven’t seen it yet, and get The Documentary Channel (Dish and Directv have it) you can set your DVR to record on ...
by Derek Buono


VRC_018 Download This Now – 124 Pages!

VRC_018 Velocity RC Cars Magazine is the world’s #1 Digital RC Car Magazine on the planet. Why? Because we have content! Our goal is to help the beginner and expert RC’r learn more, laugh, and look at some sick pictures and...
by Derek Buono


King Series – Tuning with the WC

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve got current World Champion Cody King’s mechanic (and dad) Paul King cranking out some amazing articles to help you as a racer, and bashing. VRC_004 will go into engine tuning with...
by Derek Buono