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Keep It Real!

Next time you are strolling around your local auto parts store, slide on over to the paint section. Grab a can of Duplicolor Bed Armor™ DIY Truck Bed Liner spray (there are ton of other companies that make it as well). It...
by Derek Buono


AE B44.2 – Why U Like Photo?

Today was a great day in Southern California. We’re busy working on VRC_006 and I thought it would be nice to share. We’re all told sharing is good right? So here is a sample picture from our review of the AE b44.2!...
by Derek Buono


Durango will eat your baby..DEX210

2WD electric racing is awesome. No other class of off-road will teach you how to drive like an overpowered race buggy. The class has been dominated by AE for…well forever, but that hasn’t stopped every race company ...
by Derek Buono



Rally Around The Family with Tamiya

If you don’t love watch World Rally Cars, we hate you. What’s more cool than an AWD hatchback rocketing through the woods at insane speeds, with spectators trying to throw a euro-high-five inches from death? Nothing...
by Derek Buono


2 Cars 1 Camera – Photo shoot preview

It’s been over 105-degrees around here, and maybe a few people have started to think that “maybe global warming is going to suck?” This temperature doesn’t stop production on VRC_003, and the photo shoot...
by Derek Buono


This Week In RC V4 – Pro-Line, Pavidis, Traxxas, Horizon and AE together again!

This week in RC Every week, or what Derek thinks is a week, we collect a few of the highlights from around the industry. New kits, new people, and even people getting laid off (we feel you, our entire staff was laid off from ou...
by Derek Buono