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Velocity RC Cars – Issue #35 – Download Now for just $2.99!

Posted  March 11, 2019  by  Derek Buono

Making a magazine isn’t easy, it’s a lot of work that looks like a bunch of words on a page and some photos from a flip phone. This issue is just that…kidding. We’re always trying to put lots of great content together to inform, entertain and annoy. This issue Derek suggest we build a wall […]

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VRC Magazine – How To Special Issue – 388 Pages! Just $14.95

Posted  December 25, 2018  by  Derek Buono

Our hobby is 2 parts – one part driving and the other spending ours repairing, upgrading, tuning, cleaning, and sitting in the garage with a beer pretending to do all of those things. We’ve been creating content for the RC community for years, and we decided it was time to make a special issue featuring […]

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Velocity RC Cars Magazine – VRC_033 – Download over 120 pages for just $2.99!

Posted  October 15, 2018  by  Derek Buono

Summer is over, and some may be happy and some may be mad. But what continues is our sickness that can be only cured with more VRC Magazine. This issue is a cornucopia of RC content. You know that thing you learned about in 3rd grade you never heard or saw again. We are the […]

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Velocity RC Cars Magazine Issue #32 – Download now for just $2.99!

Posted  August 14, 2018  by  Derek Buono

The never ending battle between nitro and electric is like Game of Thrones. You want the naked one with the dragon to win, but you sort of like the little guy too. None of that makes sense, but this issue of VRC Magazine delivers lots of valuable information to satisfy your RC needs. There might […]

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Velocity RC Cars Magazine Issue #31 – Download Now! Just $2.99!!

Posted  May 24, 2018  by  Derek Buono

Bashing to Racing, we cover it all in every issue to offer every level of RC freak something to read about. This issue we pack in reviews. We test the new AE B6.1 Buggy to see if adding a “.1” is everything they say. We bash a Kyosho Dodge Demon, and we take to the […]

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This Week in RC – Derek Edition V3

Every week I bring to you what I think is important, or is cool, or what I just feel like sharing with you. This week we’re all about some teasing, so new kits, some tires, and a cat video.   Pro-Line Is a Tease. If ...
by Derek Buono


Free Article – X-Dyno Protek RC Samurai 321B

Another free article from Velocity RC Cars Magazine. VRC_014 is packed with content and available for just $1.99! Subscribe and get every issue we’ve created INSTANTLY! View our interactiv...
by Derek Buono


Team Associated RC10 B6D Review – Love the D?

VRC_021 will feature the full review of the new AE Buggy – The RC10B6D! You can watch our quick video review of the new buggy. That means you should subscribe to our YouTube channel. Don’t forget that VRC Magazine i...
by Derek Buono



All In A Days Work- National Champ, Ken Block, and an RTR Shoot

Sometimes a Thursday in the summer can be boring. Other times, it’s a race to be in 12 places at once. This morning I prepped the Arrma Fury for a photo shoot. As the 2000mah NIMH (yes they still make those) peaked and go...
by Derek Buono

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Kit Building 101 – Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

Have you ever wanted to punch an RTR in the face? They’re amazingly good for our hobby but anyone who hasn’t built a kit doesn’t know what they are missing. Getting up close and personal with hundreds of rando...
by Jeff Eveleigh



Hobbico / Great Planes Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy- Do you care?

There are two main distributors in the USA that keep your hobby shop stocked, and generally control the industry as most of the products sold in the US go through either one. Over the years they’ve changed a bit. They went fr...
by Derek Buono


Velocity RC Magazine and Joesph Quagraine Team Up!

Velocity RC Magazine welcomes international racer, designer, and JQ Products owner to our staff of contributors. Joe has been racing around the world for over a decade and designing his own vehicles for over 3 years. He will br...
by Derek Buono


Arrma Fury SC – Beginner’s choice?

Traxxas has a huge target strapped to it’s back and just about every company is trying to compete for sales with the RC giant. Arrma is a new company, but it’s trying to steal that winning formula of price, quality,...
by Derek Buono