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Velocity RC Cars_028 – Download Now! Just $2.99!

Posted  November 14, 2017  by  Derek Buono

Velocity RC Cars Magazine #28 features more content than any other publication … ever! The magazine is 148 pages and as thin as air (it’s digital). Download the newest issue and read our 20-page Adventure Truck Shootout. Do you call them Adventure Trucks, Crawlers, Scalers, or Trail Trucks? Who knows. We picked a winner. Then […]

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Velocity RC Cars Issue 27 – Download Now! Over 110 pages of content!

Posted  September 15, 2017  by  Derek Buono

Earthquakes, floods, solar flares, and a Cassini death diving into Saturn. What a time to be alive. To top it off we are adding to the mayhem with an all new edition of VRC Magazine. We’re the #1 selling digital only magazine (and the best of any says 1 out of 3 dentists) that delivers […]

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Velocity RC Cars Magazine #26 – $2.99 – Download Now!

Posted  July 27, 2017  by  Derek Buono

Velocity RC Cars Magazine – VRC_026 You are probably complaining about the heat. It’s summer. Soon all you fools who live where winter comes will be chest deep in snow, but for now here is the next amazing, biggest, best, issue of Velocity RC Cars Magazine. We’re packed deep with content and all for just […]

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Velocity RC Cars Magazine – VRC_025 – Download Now! Just $2.99!

Posted  May 28, 2017  by  Derek Buono

Velocity RC Cars Magazine – VRC_025 Spring Break is over, and we’re just about out of school. Even adults look at life this way, but here we look at it’s officially outdoor season for RC. The cold ends of the earth are thawed and the warm sections… are still outside. The new issue of Velocity […]

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VRC_024 – Velocity RC Cars Magazine Instant Download! Just $2.99!

Posted  March 9, 2017  by  Derek Buono

An RC Car is an amazing piece of modern engineering. Fast, almost unbreakable and more affordable than ever. Yet tomorrow we can all race cars online and further become socially awkward. So get outside and interact with what others call humans. This issue we walk the trails of rattle snakes, show those pesky skaters how […]

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Tamiya “Scorches” the Vintage World

To all those 30-somethings who used to play with toy cars when they were younger and want to pretend they are 9-years old again; Tamiya is celebrating their 30th anniversary of the Sand Scorcher with an improved re-release of t...
by Jeff Eveleigh