May 15, 2017

The Return of HPI Racing- Should You Care?

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Written by: Derek Buono
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Many might not even know the long twisted fate of HPI Racing at all, let alone that they technically died. So this new teaser video from HPI was released to get people pumped up on HPI, but will anybody care? At this point, you’d be hard pressed to name something relevant from that brand in RC. Yes, The Savage, was one of the first amazing Monster Trucks that challenged the T-Maxx. But after that…it’s been too long since it released something top news worthy. There was a glimmer of a Toyota Crawler, and some other stuff but it seems like the company drifted too long without a purpose, and at times switch product focus to it’s spawn HotBodies racing. So we’ll see if the once mighty HPI Racing can get the attention it once had. We’re just afraid it’s going to be a line of generic RTR’s with a fancy body. Which works…but not what they need.


Do you care?


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Derek Buono
Derek Buono
Derek Buono– Started in the industry as an assistant editor at RC Car Action where he spent 2 years before being recruited by Xtreme RC Cars Magazine. For the past 10 years Derek lead Xtreme RC Cars and helped double the circulation, improved editorial quality and helped lead the market in design and creativity.



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